New Salon Home!!

New Salon Home!!

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I’ll be honest, a year ago, as I was unexpectedly transitioning out of Red 7 Salon and scrambling to find a new salon home, I did not expect that a year later I would be transitioning yet again. But here we are, I officially have a new salon home.

I’m not sure I can express how beyond excited I am for this change, and how grateful I am for this new opportunity.

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First, a little insight into my last year. This past year, as I began my journey at The Circle Salon - I was only able to be part time. In order to make that work, I had to makeshift a schedule outside of the salon to make ends meet to be completely honest. So I started 2018, working on the floor at Circle three days a week, doing a mentorship at Thrive Hair Collective twice a week, doing social media coordinating for both Circle & Thrive, and babysitting to fill in the gaps. I can easily say a few months into that, I was burnt out. I slowly began to drop babysitting, with a goal of ending the year with one single job.

Flash forward to the beginning of the Fall, I was realizing that my goal of one job by the end of the year was not nearly as close as I desired for it to be. I started evaluating where I was at, what my career & personal goals were, what my financial goals were, and what needed to happen.

I quickly started coming to the conclusion that I had to say goodbye to one of the salons, and when I was at Thrive on Fridays for my mentorship my heart would hurt at the thought of not being there anymore. Thrive has been a place where I’ve been lifted up, educated, and empowered this year. It’s owned by my three biggest mentors in the hair industry (besides my momma of course). Three individuals who have taught me how to color, cut and style over my 5 years in Chicago, three individuals who I’ve continuously said “One day I hope my career looks like theirs!” Over the past year, weekly I have been cheered on and encouraged by them, told I can do anything I set my mind on, and been reminded of my worth and value in this industry.

Logistically I believed there wasn’t an opportunity to work full time at Thrive, so it wasn’t an option. Although, we joked weekly that their “overflow” chair was my chair. One night in September, Natalie and I were chatting about “my chair” and jumped into saying, “Well, what if it actually was my chair? Could that actually happen sooner than we think?” Flash forward about a month, after a lot of talks of details and logistics, I was sitting at Thrive being offered a position as a Stylist on the floor. The offer included everything I had told my counselor the month prior that I needed in a salon, plus the assurance that one of their main desires was to grow and evolve me into the stylist they believe I already am.

I want to make it very clear, The Circle Salon has been a huge part of my journey. I learned what true, healthy leadership looked like. I learned how a team should truly function. I learned how to anticipate the needs of your teammates daily, and show up not just for yourself but for those around you. I learned what constant communication looks like, what consistent meetings look like. I was empowered to believe I should be paid well for Social Media Coordinating, and for photo projects for the salon - and reminded that I have talent and worth within both of those areas of work. I am beyond grateful for my time at The Circle Salon. But it has become clear that my time there was ready to come to an end, that it was time to close that chapter softly and enter into a new one.

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So here we are, a year later, with a new salon transition. One that I didn’t think possible, but one I always hoped would happen. Today, on my bike ride to my last day at The Circle Salon, I was chatting with God and all that I kept repeating was, “Lord you just know my heart so well”. So praises guys, praises for a change that makes sense, a change that involves growth and development, and a change that makes my heart soar.

One last thing.. THE DETAILS!

What salon? Thrive Hair Collective

When? Starting Tuesday November 20th!

Where? In the West Loop - 1101 W Randolph St, Chicago, IL 60607. We're part of the Salon Lofts located at Randolph and Aberdeen above Free People. Enter on the Aberdeen side, take the elevator to the 3rd floor, and look for Lofts 11-14.

How do I book? Online or through email! Head to or email me at

What can I book for? Color, Cut, Styling, & Keratins!

See ya 2018!

See ya 2018!

#OurChicagoStories Summer 2018

#OurChicagoStories Summer 2018