Hi! I'm Devin Sutter.

1. Jesus is my #1 - do I fail at remembering that daily? Yes, yes I do. But I sure do love Him and I sure am happy that there's this little thing called grace that saves me every day. 

2. I'm a hairstylist at Thrive Hair Collective in Chicago, Illinois and I am lucky enough to have a career that I absolutely LOVE. My passion and my career have collided and become one and I know thats rare, so I feel grateful for it every day. I work among some of the most talented human beings I know, I am impressed and inspired by them daily.

3. I run. A lot. It's my hobby, and my therapy (one of many). I probably talk about it too much- but I get real excited when someone brings up running.

4. My family is absolutely everything to me. My mom is my best friend and my go-to daily phone call. My dad is my biggest cheerleader in life and my biggest influence in running (I crossed my first marathon finish line hand and hand with him!) I have looked up to my older brother David since the day I was born, I pretty much think everything he does is cool. And my sister-in-law Katie has been around since I was six and won me over with her trampoline. Oh, and she's a super-mom to my three beautiful nieces. Those three each won me over the day they were born- they've taught me what true unconditional love is.

5. I'm Akron, Ohio born- and I sure do love Ohio and all of the wonderful people living there. But currently I'm living in Chicago and it's become home, every day I fall more and more in love with this city.

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Photo by Rachel Loewen

Photo by  Rachel Loewen

Photo by Rachel Loewen

So why start a blog?

There's always been a small thought in the back of my mind, "maybe someday I'll start a blog.." It was a thought I pushed away mostly out of a fear of failure, and a lack of time. In the last couple of years Instagram has become a very large creative outlet for me, on it I find inspiration and encouragement from people all around the world- whether it be my faith, running or hair. Instagram was slowly becoming a small version of the blog I dreamed about, so here it is.

The first assumption was that I would have a blog about hair- that is, after all, how I spend 50 hours of my week. The next thought was that the blog would be about running, a huge part of my life that has taught me so much and brought me so much joy. But that's not all I am, as humans we have so many different layers, different passions, all making up who we are. Hair and running, although large parts of who I am, are not everything. So here you will see life through my eyes- hair, running, food, travel, sunrises, family, friends, the every day.